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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Can you just think about the situation in which you loose all your blog posts on one fine morning. The reason for such a disaster can be anyone of these, such as ban of your blog, accidental deletion of blog, or hack attack. If you wish to change the blog hosting platform from one to another hen also you need a full backup of your blog posts. Usually I do backup every month. But it is recommended that you must do backup of your blog posts after every time you update your blog. Here, we are providing  two ways of creating backup of your blogs.

How to backup your blog posts in Google blogger blogs

1. Login to
2. Go to Settings----Basic-----Blog Tools
3. Click the Export Blog button.
4. In popup window click Save.
5. You can rename the file and choose location where to save it on disk. It is saved as an XML file.

How to backup your blog posts from any blogs

For creating backup of your blog posts, you need Windows Live Writer, which is available free of cost from Microsoft. Download Windows Live Writer and install it. Open Windows Live Writer. Click on Blogs and add your blog. Once you add your blog, then Click on Open under section, “File”. A box will open where you can see “Show”, select 500 or the number which you like to view.  Then in the same box, click on your blog name. Now a popup window will open that may ask your username and password. Enter and click Ok.

Wait till downloading finishes and you can see that all your blog posts are available there. Select any one of those blog posts. Now you can view that blog post with labels, alignment, tags and even pictures. Then click on “Save draft”.

Here that blog post will be saved as draft in your computer which can be viewed through Windows Live Writer and can be uploaded to any other blog as a new post.

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TOMAS said...

Your post made everything so clear. Thank you very much. I will use both ways from now. Unfortunately, one of my blogs crashed prior reading your advice. I have no backups and do not know is it possible to restore anything on
I would greatly appreciate your support and plead the hot - please help me.
I would like to understand what have happened with my blog. Why does everything disappear on my blog?
Please check my
Thank you once again.

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