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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Blogging on the go, yes, blogging is changing its dimension. If you are using an Android Phone, then download the first version of the Blogger Android App. This application will help in such a marvelous way that you can easily compose a post, attach a photo that you just took with your phone, and either save it as a local draft for later or immediately publish it to your blog. Download it here Android Market.

Important Features and tips while using  Blogger Android AppBLOGGER ANDROID APPLICATION

  • Maintain Multiple accounts and blogs.

  • You can write, save and later publish after completing all necessary SEO works like tagging.
  • You can take photos from camera and gallery while you making your post.
  • Sharing to Blogger from gallery or browser and share location also.
  • If you touch on List View, then you can view saved or published posts.

You must attach photos while you compose.

Include your current location with your phone’s GPS, and you can let your readers know where you’re blogging from by selecting your current location, without additional typing.

You can keep track of published posts and saved drafts in an easy to read list by tapping the list icon located on the top right-hand corner.



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