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Thursday, May 20, 2010


After the updating of new privacy settings, Facebook users are in big dilemma to continue their account or no. Some of them fear that they have lost the control of their account.Privacy setting have become a nightmare to many social networking people. They are really confused how to setup the privacy settings of their social networking account and to stay away from identity thieves. Here in this post we will explain some tips for Facebook, but may be useful for all social networking sites



Show your Geo location

Most of the Social networking sites have this option or similar options. Kindly avoid this if you feel that it is not necessary for others to know your location of social networking.

Using a Weak Password

Always use complex passwords such as pU012txEs which contain at least eight characters, with symbols, numbers and alphabets. Now a days there are many software being used by account hackers to generate passwords with numerical or alphabets or mixed.

Let Search Engines Find You

Never let search engines find your profile and actions.Change your privacy controls so that only your friends can find you in search engines.

Keeping Your Full Birth Date in Your Profile 

Whenever you keep full birth date in your profile, then it gives a chance for hackers to find the recovery password of your profiles. If it is not necessary, please keep a unique birthday for almost all public accounts .

Providing access to everyone in internet

Never provide access to your profile for everyone in internet.Limit access to only your friends, friends of friends, or yourself. Restrict access to photos, birth date, religious views, and family information etc

Allowing kids to use Facebook or other Social networking accounts

Always monitor how your kids are handling social networking sites. Never let their accounts unmonitored. Always check who is online with them. Also warn your kids not to handover any personal details like telephone number, location etc to any unknown persons.

Posting through your profile that you'll Be Away From Home

If you post that you are away from home in your profile, then it is quite easier for geo locating hackers to attack even your private properties. Beware of any attacks when you are away from your home.

Posting details of club you visited last week

Please do not post certain details like the club you are visiting weekly, night parties you attended. Such details will help criminals to track your daily movements.

Allowing all applications to be active in your profile

Allow only selected applications in your profile. Activating more profiles will increase the chance of hacking of your account.

Accepting friendship requests from all

Privacy hackers usually submit a friendship request, before they start hacking. So review all friendship requests before approving them.

Providing friendship requests to all

Some social networkers believe that the number of friends decides the popularity of their profile. This is absolutely wrong and always select the correct person as your friend. Also, if you have too many friends, then new persons cannot add you in their list.

Flirting in Social networking sites

Chatting and phone enjoyment is now very popular among teenagers. Boys and girls find pleasure online when they are alone at home. Certain social networking allows users to post chat history. Also joining in groups offers phone pleasure and sharing your mobile number with them may invite more trouble for you. Use traditional messengers to chat with others.

Direct bank account transfer to charity services

Never transfer money directly to charity services in social networking sites from your bank account. Instead of this, use parallel money transfer services like PayPal or western union.

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Aswani (Admin) said...

Hi Reetha, its been long time. Sorry for it as I was quite busy all these days. Btw, this is a brilliant article. Privacy is seriously a bigger issue today and one needs to follow some basic tips to maintain the same when he or she is online. The points which you have mentioned can surely help in building better privacy over internet. Thanks so much for these useful tips. keep in touch and have a nice day :)

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