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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Twitter now strongly placing its foot in ad marketing world by the announcement of its Promoted Tweets. Twitter announced its first phase of operations with Promoted Tweets using a platform with a handful of innovative advertising partners that include Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America. Twitter plan to develop Promoted tweets as a great income source for the company. After the first phase of Promoted tweets, Twitter is expected to  analyze the feed back, and then Promoted Tweets to be shown by Twitter clients and other ecosystem partners and to expand beyond Twitter search.

Further scope of Promoted tweets.

PROMOTED TWEETS It is true that Twitter can earn handsome money from the sponsors who participate in Promoted Tweets, but the real business behind the Promoted Tweets is expected to be the development of PPC.

Promoted Tweets mostly will take a right turn towards PPC. A program that is quite similar to Adsense or I must say, a program similar to Sponsored tweets or Revtweet but with some changes in ad delivery. This move by twitter was quite expected when they announced a change in their automatic advertisement tweet service policies.

Twitter in its blog, explained that such Promoted Tweets will be based on specific keywords that linked to Sponsors. Almost a punch game with keyword game and customer targeting. As per primary analysis, the success of this program certainly depend upon the Keyword analyzing tool using by Twitter. Remember how Google Adsense grabbed the major share among all PPC programs.

More details are yet to come and Twitter account holders are eagerly waiting for some great news that may allow them to earn some quick money. Now I doubt, are they aiming to beat Google Buzz regarding revenue earnings and revenue sharing?

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Jerry Jose said...

Nice post. But I am so much attracted with the add you shown in the post (right side of the beginning of the post) Can u please tell me how it is done

NookSurfer said...

I'm kind of having mixed thoughts about this. Businesses today are already using Twitter as a form of advertising. I want to say that 75% of the tweets I see everyday are in some shape or form, advertising. Now that Twitter wants to cash in on their business, will this increase and encourage more businesses to participate or will this reduce the amount of spam we see?

Reetha said...

Dear Nook, lets hope that Twitter will control spamming and establish PPC or mere advertising...Thanks for comment

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