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Friday, March 20, 2009


  • You should find an outstanding topic to provide information or sharing thoughts through your blog.
  • Always focus on one or two subjects/topic. For example, if you decide to start a blog about Business, then try to find the subclass ie whether it is Industrial, Infrastructure, Online or Home based. This categoristaion of your topic will help to target your precious readers.
  • Never think that if you start a blog that contains multiple topics will invite more traffic. Try to be a specialist in the topic you are discussing.

  • Remember that, treat a READER like GOD, because they are the one who is going to provide you immense revenue.

  • Always provide correct informations.

  • Never try to imitate any blogs

  • You may try to write about some most wanted topics in internet, like health, business etc. You should develop your own touch in the presentation of the blog


Rajeel kP said...

hi ,

r u frm kerala ?????

Asked because of your blog name ....

Reetha said...

That true,, nice guessing...One of us is from Kerala

Shanthy said...

As correctly pointed out choice of the topic for blog is very important.Tips given are very relevant

adrin said...

Thanks for giving the useful tips..

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