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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Google AdSense is a free program that help online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on online content, through websites, blogs, online software, search results etc. Adsense is proved to be a most accurate, simple, trustful program that is now a days biggest financial support for many bloggers, including me. Recently Adsense improved its performance through New Adsense Interface, which is giving more accurate data to analyze visitors and click ratios.

Adsense approval websites -  is it a Fake?

While surfing through internet, I have seen some websites that are offering help or assistance in getting approval for Adsense. I am quite surprised reading the details. As far as I believe, Adsense is a free program for all real and sincere Bloggers or website owners who adhere with the policies of Google Adsense. Me any many of my friends got approval after changing blogs according to the policy guidelines and standards of Google Adsense publishers. Even after getting approval we did verification steps and following all standards of a good Adsense publisher.

This is what surprised me that, some websites claims that they give Adsense accounts upon payment of money or buying some of their products. I feel this is quite impossible. When I search in Google Adsense help forums, I never find such a mentioning that Google allowed somebody to sell or give approval for an Adsense Account. So my readers and all other bloggers, please be careful while selecting such services.

If these services are Fake, then I appeal Google to take strict action on such fake people who are trying to steal money from poor bloggers like us.

My readers, if these services are fake, please don’t hesitate to share this message through all possible mediums like Facebook, Twitter etc.

The pictures of some of such websites are given below. Readers may please contact Google Adsense before trying any of such services by paying money.

Dizinart dotcom



adsenseg dot com



adsensez dot com


Remember, Google Adsense is a free program open for quality, real and sincere bloggers.

Happy and careful blogging:

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Admin said...

Hi Reetha, I am quite surprised to read all these. Really could never think of it. Anyways, it is really very nice of you to share this info on your blog. I will keep it in my mind forever and also let others know about it. Thanks and Keep writing :)

Venkey said...

According to the policy guidelines and standards of Google Adsense publishers, could you please provide me the list of things where normally people do wrong steps...

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