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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Are you planning to buy a Domain or website. The most important thing you had to check is the status of that website or Domain with Google and Google Adsense. You may use any of the below given tool to determine whether your site, or domain is banned by Google or Adsense.


If your site doesn't display Ads from Google Adsense, then use these tools and check whether you got a ban from Google or Google Adsense.

Check whether your site is banned by Google Adsense

Isbanned : www.isbanned.com Go to this tool. Type your domain or website URL and check instantly.

Adsense Sandbox : Click here  This tool is an Google Adsense Preview Tool will display sample Google ads, based on standard AdSense targeting and filtering. When you give a Domain and no sample Ads are displayed, then you may understand that the Domain is under ban from Google Adsense.


Check whether your site is banned by Google

The first easy step to understand whether your site is banned from Google or no, is that type the URL in Google search or Google plus search. If the domain is not appearing, then you may assume that the Domain or the URL you have typed is under ban from Google.

Another tool is iwebtool   A very simple tool that will help to analyze Google search results to detect if your domain name is banned. The conclusion may not be absolutely correct. For example, If the domain has expired, the tool may say the domain is banned when it actually isn't banned but expired.

Ban from Google and Google Adsense

Usually, the sites that are banned by Google will not display Adsense ads. But sites that are banned by Google Adsense, may or may not appear in Google search.

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