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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Guest Blogger

Author: Margarette Mcbride

image As far as any SEO experts had said, some of the most popular and effective SEO link buildings techniques still used today are as follows:


Effective SEO Link Building Techniques

Most techniques used today in SEO link building are not as new as many would think. Most of these were considered in-efficient when brute-force link building techniques were widely used. Today, however, due to the massive change in Google’s algorithm, those techniques which were seldom used had gained a lot of popularity among SEO experts.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites such as Digg are popular places from which an SEO link builder can generate links from. The best thing about these websites is that these are also used by internet users to find information from the World Wide Web other than the use of search engines.

Article Marketing and Press Release (PR)

Article directory sites can also be used to harvest high-quality links, particularly if the article used to contain these links are highly-visited. This can also generate higher click-through.
Similar to Article Marketing, Press Release sites or PR sites can usually offer higher valued links compared to article directories. However, having access to these websites are usually not as easy compared to article directories.

Blog Posting

Unlike blog commenting, blog posting involves the use of blog websites which allows guest posting to post articles containing their link, such as Squeedo. This had become a very effective SEO Philippines technique as Google and other search engines had put more weight on websites which continuously updates their content.


Other than the use of an internal blog, creating an external blog which features services that the website offers can also generate high-quality links and click-through if done properly. This, technique, along with the use of social bookmarking can relatively increase its quality and authority in the World Wide Web, thus increasing the quality of links coming from it.
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Article Source: Article Directory - http://www.freearticleforyou.com

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