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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


To grow a business, we need to make it easier for people to enter. Networking over the Internet is a cost-effective way to open doors and attract potential customers for your business. Along with great pictures of your products, you can attract people to explore your website with good articles. The following are 7 ideas that can help you make winning articles to attract people and eventually help grow your online business.

This article is a guest article written by : Larry Mitchell

article tips  


1) Keywords. The use of keywords can help potential readers find you easily in the World Wide Web. Inserting popular keywords in your title is beneficial this way.

2) Write interesting articles. No matter how good you write and no matter how gainful the contents of your article are, unless it grabs the attention of your readers, they won’t read it. Make your article appealing. Sometimes a compelling article may just do the trick.

3) Titles stating benefits. Sometimes, the title of an article can convey how it is going to be an asset to the reader. Find ways to give a reader an idea on how he can gain from reading your article by giving hints of the benefits on the titles.

4) Questions and exclamation marks in titles. The use of an exclamation mark in articles can sometimes add a light feeling to an article and can act as a cue to a positive or feel-good story. A question mark will make readers wonder of answers prompting them to read a bit more.

5) Quotation marks and Parenthesis adds style to titles. Quotation marks and parenthesis can direct attention to titles. A parenthesis prevents long titles from looking all muddled up, thus making it easier to read.

6) Special characters such as hyphens and colons. Sometimes using special characters in titles makes it more readable. They minimize ambiguities, especially when you need to use adjectives with 2 or more words like private-sector salary brackets, etc.

7) A string of words for a title. Some studies suggest that a long title can generate more traffic to your website. It gives your readers a more specific idea on the content of your article and allows you to add more keywords making it easier for people to find your article in search engine.

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