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Sunday, January 29, 2012


This article on addressing difficulties in blogging for money is written by, TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

money blogging Blogging for money can be quite a test on your patience and discipline since simply building a blog takes time in the first place! The reason for this is you never seem to have 'enough' visitors and seem to be always trying to get more blog traffic. Ofcourse the only way this can be accomplished is by continually offering unique content to get readers attention and then keep them coming back! It is the process of building reader loyalty that takes so much time! When you are building a blog to earn an income this serves to simply lengthen the process since now you're asking people to spend money! Here are 3 areas you will encounter as a blogger that will test your patience and time when trying to earn an income and how you can address them!

Creating Content

Creating enough unique content to keep readers happy can be a titanic challenge even if you're not trying to earn an income. As noted above however when trying to get paid for your efforts it may take both more updating and time before you succeed! This presents a formidable challenge for any one person but can be easily resolved by bring in guest bloggers! Not only will these people offer a fresh view but they're motivated to produce quality since they're also trying to attract more blog traffic for themselves as well!

Special Offerings

Your blogging platform is meant to be a highly targeted mini social site or community for others who have an interest in the topic you write about. With that in mind you must be careful to NOT disrupt the 'harmony' of the environment by overly promoting whether it be ads or links. One way around that is to set up an opt in box where people can leave their contact information in exchange for a free and relevant gift! By building a blog contact list in this way you can promote more aggressively to these folks away from the site thus minimizing any distractions for the rest of your visitors!

Not Enough Visitors

If you want to get more blog traffic you will have to do more than rely upon posting and pinging the search engines! True as it may be that this will bring you free and targeted traffic, it likely won't come at the rate where you can build up a subscription base very quickly! You must promote your site actively in other ways such as article submissions, social networking and even leaving comments at other relevant blogs! When it comes to traffic, more is almost always better and these efforts will help in that regard!

Blogging for money can be very rewarding both personally and financially but it can and will test both your patience and discipline! The process of building a blog takes time due to the fact you're trying to develop a loyal following and this doesn't happen overnight! When your start asking people to make purchases this will lengthen the process which of course requires more blog traffic. Of course visitors are only attracted to your site by the unique content you offer and this needs to be done consistently! So now you see where an individual will have their work cut out for them in terms of creating an ongoing stream of unique content! Remember you're also trying to earn an income as well as looking for more blog traffic as well!

The 3 suggestions above offer ways in which you can better coordinate your own efforts while enlisting the help of others! In doing so your efforts will be more effective and not as time consuming along with the fresh insights others bring to your platform!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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Source: http://tjphilpott.articlealley.com/blogging-for-money-and-addressing-the-difficulties-2402770.html

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