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Saturday, February 13, 2010


After trying much SEO, Social Media Activities, bloggers sometimes frustrated and try some other sources of web traffic. Most of them depend on SEO companies to optimize their blogs and websites and try to attract more visitors. Some bloggers use advertising as a channel for increasing visitors to their blog. Google Adwords, is an excellent way to advertise. Buying traffic always generates doubt in the mind of blogger. Which service to depend, how long should depend and what type of service had to select. Bloggers usually break their head to find answers for these questions.

imageBefore selecting any SEO company to increase visitors, you must keep some points in mind. Select a company that have enough previous experience. The company must not have any ban history from any of search engines. Always select companies with good PR in Google, with at least PR 2.

Check thoroughly the way of SEO and traffic building. Always reject offers from companies that do some ‘Black hat’ techniques. Black Hat techniques usually bring quick results, but may invite ban from Search engines or penalty in PR.

Also, verify various techniques used by the SEO company or Traffic building company. These techniques include “ Targeted  Traffic”, “Geographical Traffic”, and “Keyword based Traffic”.

When you receive any  Traffic Packages from any Traffic providing company, you must be able to see how many visitors were delivered to your target URL in real-time. This is very important to save your money. Select a company that gives such a real time facility.

You must optimize all your PPC, Affiliate programs before buying traffic. Include more advertisement slots as per easy visibility of visitors. Arrange affiliate banners in quick accessible places. Remove all broken links. Provide a “Menu bar”,  “Navigation Bar”, or “Categories” so that visitors can find interesting posts of their choice quite easily.

Recently I came across an Internet Traffic Solution company, that offers traffic packages with multiple options. You may buy traffic packages traffic or assign Search Engine Optimization services from this company.

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Aswani (Admin) said...

Sorry for late visit :( was really busy like anything. btw, nice and yuseful post. will recommned this site to my friends. Thanks for sharing this info :)

article submission directory said...

Yes i agree that if you want to increase high pr of your website then take care of choosing the seo companies. Fabulous tips for choosing to buy web traffic and visitors.

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