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Sunday, March 14, 2010


100% free golden opportunity to advertise yourself in Google. Whether you are a blogger, owner of small business firm or a corporate, advertise yourself in Google with in 10 minutes. Google providing this valuable opportunity for genuine business firms, bloggers and certain category of individuals. As a part of increasing their local mapping services, Google allowing us to list our firm as an advertisement to show up in searches and thereby increasing the traffic and feed back to our blog.

Free Advertising on Google

Google Map is a free service that shows details of almost every place in the world. Here we will list our blog as an organization or as a small business firm in Google local. Please note that this is ideal only for those bloggers who wish to announce their blogging as a small business and willing to announce their geographical locations. Google always respect trustful genuine sources.

Simply follow the steps to get listed in Google Map.

Step A

Go to www.google.com/local , search for your business firm or blog and confirm that it is not listed there. We heard that some times Google automatically lists our firm while we use some of the Google services. If your firm is not listed there then just look for “ Add/Edit Your Business” OR “ Put your business on Google Maps” in the left sidebar middle portion. Click on that and you will be taken to a page where you had to provide the following details.

  • A description of your business with your phone number, address and any other details. Phone number or email is necessary to get verified by Google to confirm listing. Bloggers those who don’t have particular office, may provide their home address and location with contact number. Please remember that all these details will be available on internet once Google approve your submission. So if you not like to share, please be careful while providing  your details
  • It is better to create a logo or image that represents your business. If you are a blogger, please use a logo of your blog or the home page snap shot. Small business firms may exhibit the photo of their office as identification.


Step B

Follow some simple steps given there and get verified by Google. It may take 5 days to 5 weeks to get listed. Check back after few days and confirm the listing of your blog or firm. You can edit the details later if you wish to provide or delete some information.

Advantages of Free Advertising in Google:
  • Your business firm or blog will get listed by search engines and Google Map.
  • Create a valuable link from world’s number one map
  • Google also lets you add a coupon or a free offer from your firm, for FREE
  • If you are specific in your business then listing in this service will definitely increase in traffic .
  • You can meet other genuine bloggers or business firms near to your area.
  • You can give special advertisements ( paid service) in Google Maps.

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Aswani (Admin) said...

Wow..quite useful and informative! I was knowing about Google maps but I can have my blog submitted there as my business listing..never knew about this. Thanks Reetha as ever for your helpful tips :)

Sadhuji said...

Many many thanks for sharing such a valuable information; Really we can enlist our blog/business on google local...

Thanks Reetha..

Karthikeyan S said...

Nice Post From U.. Thanks For Sharing :)

riyan said...

wow.this is great news.thanks for the info

Art by Tomas said...

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I am eagerly looking forward to your reply.
Thank you the hot.

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