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Wednesday, March 25, 2009



Internet is nowadays and excellent way of earning money for those people who spend a minimum of one hour per day in internet. I am not talking about home based business or those nonsense high pay offered affiliate programs. I am mentioning about glorious Blogging. The blogosphere is growing day by day. New blogs are flooding in internet. And the funniest thing according to the latest survey is that as the number of blogs is increasing, the readers also increasing.

You may wonder how this happen. This is mainly due to the deviation of traditional website visitors to BLOGS. When we took an internet survey and found that blog readers are more satisfied than Website readers because blog readers are able to find targeted information from specialists of the area. So as per calculations, the BLOGOSPHERE, will grow by another 400% by the end of 2012.

Many participants in internet are now starting their own blogs with information they can provide.
So be a part of that, Start you own blog to day itself. Who knows about the future of your blog? If it can help one person, then I will say you are a success.

I am KISSing , Keeping It Sweet, and Simple.

Find a theme or subject which you can share your own ideas and thoughts.

Make a blog about your subject in blogspot, wordpress, yahoo etc

Develop your blog as a business

Make an Adsense account

Find some affiliate programs that pay excellent revenue

Increase traffic to your blog

Relax and count money

Not looking that much simple, right?

Don’t worry, I am here to help you.

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Investinternals said...

It is glad to hear that you have positive mind to help others. Nice work. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

thanks for commenting

Anonymous said...

This is a good post. As you said blogs will increase by 400pc till 2012. That means there would be a tough blog competition then, so it's nice we started blogging now. 5 years later where things will become so hard we will be the old successful bloggers! :)

The recession affects everyone. It's a total disaster and I don't get it. You cannot attract advertisers in your website, they do not risk at least here in Europe. Nobody wants to spend. Money can never be lost, so the recession is a fiasco. Who is getting that money and laughing behind our backs?

Anonymous said...

Yes mike, the blogs are now increasing in its number. Just vote for me in bloggerchoice awards

editor said...

I just found you trough blogcatalog. Really nice website.

If you want to submit your website to msn, google and yahoo.

This will help you!


So take care!

Jeyaraj said...

Very useful tips for any blogger. Good going. Thanks.

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