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Friday, October 14, 2011


As I have gained more friends in Facebook ( now I reached limit of 5000), I have faced multiple issues like, missing my old pals, missing valuable links, and piling up of unworthy links in my Wall. I have joined many groups and the notification from there is getting dumped in my mailbox. How to come out of this. I have decided to make a cleanup session for my facebook. But from where I shall start?



facebook securityIf you wish to do this, start from Account Settings. Click first on Security, then Notifications, and Apps. I simply tightened my security and disabled almost all notifications other than updates from Facebook. Under all Notifications, I clicked on Groups and disabled notification emails from Groups. ( after doing this, my total daily email number reduced from 140 to 44). When I checked my Apps (Applications) then I wondered seeing many applications, that are of no value to my blogging use. Trimmed one by one and finally figured 8 useful applications.





Go to Privacy settings. Control privacy when you post, default privacy (customize it) , and control how you connect with people you know before. Never allow people to Tag you. If you like to get tagged, then keep the tag notification “ON”. Allow tagging may lead to tag explicit images on your profile. You may limit the audience for posts you shared with more than friends. Control what is shared with apps, games and websites.



Control your friends by categorizing them into Lists. Delete friends whom you doubt as Fake Accounts. Never give your personal data to any friends. Also, never share your password.

 facebook cleanup

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