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Friday, September 30, 2011


freelance video producer

The About Group is owned by and part of The New York Times Company, comprises websites such as about.com. Now about.com is looking for passionate, experienced video producers to contribute online videos. About.com's online videos are aimed at helping their users to learn skills to improve their lives through the videos uploaded based on specific topics.


How to be a Freelance Official Video Producer in About .com

In order to become an About.com video producer, you had to submit a test video on a specific topic. If this submitted video meets About.com's style and content requirements, then the candidate will receive full payment. Here the opportunity shows green signal for the candidate to officially become an About.com producer.

After you become an official video producer, you will be able to shoot videos with a flexible schedule in freelance mode.

Click here to submit your application with test video.

Please don't forget to comment thanks to me after you become an official video producer.

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