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Monday, March 9, 2009


Keep one of your laptop or desktop exclusively for trading.

Don’t install any new programs or softwares without the permission from the ONLINE TRADING SOFTWARE or your BROKER. Installing some softwares may change the system settings which will affect your trading software.

You should avoid visiting other non related WebPages through this computer. When you visit certain sites that may contain virus, then it will install by itself. This will harm your trading in these ways:
System will slow down
Unexpected hanging of computer
Viruses or spy wares may hack your system data like passwords, usernames etc.

Remember that you had to link your bank account for any money transactions. So never allow a third party to handle your computer. Protect it with password and don’t forget that password.

Never visit porn sites, online gambling sites etc from your trading computer, even on free time.

Never download files from unknown emails.

Install a good antivirus program in your system that is recommended by the ONLINE TRADING SOFTWARE of your share broker. Select Antivirus that have Anti Spam features and Messenger filters.

After every trade, make a backup of your trading details


Jim said...

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Unknown said...

thats nice to hear thank you,

MrsAshley said...

Very nice blog! The tips you've given are so helpful.

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