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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Once you select appropriate templates of your choice, and then think about gadget you had to select.
Gadgets are independent programs that are linked to another server to provide information or service from the remote server. These gadgets are also called as WIDGETS.
Most of the Gadgets provide updated information or service from its parent servers. So this will help you to provide excellent updated information to your readers. This will give a fresh look to your blog each time of visit.

Categorization of Gadgets

Topic Gadgets:
These gadgets are those which are related to the subject of your blog. You can provide additional information through these gadgets.
For example: It is ideal to keep a Gadget of updated business news in a blog related to business

General Gadgets:
These gadgets will provide service or information about any general topic.
For example: “Quote of the Day” is a Gadget that provides proverb daily on your website.

External Gadgets:
These gadgets are linked to website or independent servers other than Google, for information or services

Where you can find a Gadget?

Topic Gadgets and General Gadgets:

A lot of Gadgets are available in Blogger itself. After reaching the Dashboard of your blog in Google blogger, go to Layout. Then select Add Gadget, you may search and find the appropriate one.

External Gadgets:

Various Widgets are now available in internet that could help us to make our blog rich with contents.

For example:
You can view some excellent widgets in


While selecting the Gadgets, you should see how the blog downloads after that. You must avoid Gadgets that slows down the Page downloading time of your website. You can compare the downloading time of your blog with other blog of same category.

Read this article on
How to check the downloading time of your blog.


Unknown said...

Love the site...voted for ya on the Blogger Choice Awards. Check out my friends blog and vote if ya like.

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Very interesting information provided here. It is all very simple and easy to understand, which is a plus. There are a lot of people out there (like me!) who just love to write, but perhaps don't think deeply into the technical aspects of a successful blog. You have really given me a lot of great ideas! Thank you!

Unknown said...

well simplified. I guess making money won't be difficult with quality content like this.

Anonymous said...

thanks Mr Rakesh and all others.

Anonymous said...

Is it only content that matters for a successful blog?? I think good list of followers and good advertising i.e SEO is important. Otherwise blog/ your articles are not going to reach to good number of reader

Anonymous said...

soon coming an article with more on SEO

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I like your article keep moving

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Investinternals said...

Nice list. Appreciated. i have visited some of them previously and found good.


Anonymous said...

As I go through different blogs each day, I do not see one's too often with useful tools and tips. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

As I go through different blogs each day, I do not see one's too often with useful tools and tips. Keep up the good work.

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