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Sunday, April 5, 2009


One of the most popular blogger choice award 2009,nominations are open now. Blogger's Choice Awards, is the most popular user-generated blog voting site . Sign up and vote for your favorite (and least favorite) blogs to help determine the winners for 2009.Taking part in such awards are pretty useful in bringing more traffic to your site, Search engine optimisation, better search engine rankings and thereby making more money online.
Peculiarities of this award
This site not only allows you to nominate your favorite blogs within categories but you can also vote and comment on others that have already been submitted. In turn, others can also vote and comment on the blogs you've nominated.
Votes will be displayed on the site in real-time, so you can see who's leading within each category at any moment! Winners in each respective category will be revealed in late 2008, and will be recognized at a one-of-a-kind awards ceremony (date and location to be determined at a later time). The results will be posted in the wesite itself. There you can view last year awards also.
You may nominate and vote for as many blogs as you want, as long as you adhere to our Rules and Regulations. We reserve the right to remove or edit nominations, comments, user information, categories, and other content that appears on the site at our discretion.
Nominate your blog and Vote
Vote for your favorite blogs. You can cast a vote because you think the blog is pretty or well-written

The following are different categories to submit your blog.
Best Animal Blogger
Best Blog About Blogging
Best Blog About Stuff
Best Blog Design
Best Blog of All Time
Best Blogging Host
Best Business Blog
Best Celebrity Blogger
Best Charity Blog
Best Corporate Blog
Best Education Blog
Best Entertainment Blog
Best Food Blog
Foreign Language Blog
Best Geek Blog
Best Gossip Blog
Best Health Blog
Best Hobby Blog
Best Humor Blog
Best Marketing Blog
Best Parenting Blog
Best Photography Blog
Best Podcast
Best Political Blog
Best Pop Culture Blog
Best Religion Blog
Best Shopping Blog
Best Sports Blog
Best Travel Blog
Best Video Blogger
Freakiest Blogger
Hottest Daddy Blogger
Hottest Mommy Blogger
Most Obnoxious Blogger
The "Blogitzer"
Worst Blog of All Time


earthlingorgeous said...

Hi! Thanks for the info about this blog awards, it will be awkward for me to nominate myself though. Maybe your nomination is what I need to enter this awards thing since you were the one who suggested it to me. Thanks in advance? Hahaha!


Jade Meng said...

Why isn't there a category for self-development-inspirational/motivational blogs?

Sec said...


thanks for the comments i have voted your blog

Sec said...


Thanks for the comment, i have voted for your blog in Blogger Awards

Aira said...

Hi! I voted for you in 4 categories. You can vote me back here


And please, notify me by a comment in my blog


Pamposh Dhar said...

Hi. This is a wonderful idea. I'd like to suggest that you allow participants to ENTER the contest with their own blogs. At the moment, the only way to enter seems to be to nominate your own blog. Nominations, ideally, should be for other people's blogs.

(In the absense of the "entry" facility, I'm going to nominate my own as well as others I like, but...)

May I also just point out a typo in this post, which you might like to correct. In para 3, you write: "Winners in each respective category will be revealed in late 2008,..." I assume you mean 2009, not 2008.

Once again, thanks for organizing this - it really is a great idea!

Pamposh Dhar said...

Oops, I may have misunderstood how this works. In which case please ignore my previous comment. Sorry!

Here are my own entries:

For Best Blog about Stuff:

For Best Health Blog:

For Best Travel Blog:

I will now go and vote for other blogs I like.


forexwatch said...

I hope bloggers will vote wisely.

kris said...

Thanks Pampsh, Air and S, i voted for u..thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Thanks bro for the visit... And you've got a nice blog about blogging stuffs. Keep it up.

Evelyn Parham said...

I'll vote. Thanks for sharing!

Better Interpersonal Communication said...

Thanks for your vote on my blog. Have reciprocated a vote on yours. Cheers.

Kiruba - Microsoft Certified Professional said...

Good site.. i had voted for you !! plz vote for me to... http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/71473

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. I voted for you. But I have no idea how to nominate myself...and to be honest, find it a bit awkward to do so...

victorysilcana said...

Thank you for giving my participation in this space adventure blog 2009, I will try. Fortunately for yours.

stylo said...

i have voted you plz visit my site once

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